The FT and other news sources you should read

Why Maggie Thatcher read the FinancialTimes

political comics are never dull on the binary options news, which featured this margaret thatcher webcomic on april 9, 2013

The Iron Lady post-mortem caricature

The Financial Times is one of the most respected news sources for financial news in the world.

Far from being stuffy, it is always interesting to read for news stories about startups and featured companies in ways that you may never have thought of before.

A binary options investor is going to need all the information he or she can get and that’s why The Financial Times is one of the top 10 news sources picks I can think of.

Reading up on new companies and how the global climate is doing is key to understanding indexes and trends as a binary options investor.


In Focus : Is BBinary A Scam or the Real Deal?

BBinary Review : Scam or Top Tier Options Broker?

binary options platform winners graphic

1, 2, 3 trading for you and me

If you’re looking for a professional site with friendly staff when it comes to binary options trading, check out BBinary.

To be sure, there has been a lot of noise online about BBinary, questioning whether or not it is the real deal or a scam. Well, in my humble opinion, everything I know about BBinary tells me that it is a very real binary trading platform, where investors trade daily and yes, deposit and withdraw available funds when they want. I do prefer other binary brokers over BBinary, but I won’t disrespect BBinary by fibbing you about it here.

Banc de Binary, as it is otherwise known, has a terrific help video to get you going, as well as staff available to you 24/7.

Their professional site lists all manner of typical trading assets in binary options with many different investing platform choices to give you a wide range of options for your investing needs.

You’ll see as soon as you land on the site that you’re dealing with a professional investing outfit.