Hi-Tech predicting for the Touch binary option


This caricature was drawn to illustrate the likelyhood of accurately predicting the hi-tech sector, for an article written about using the No Touch / One Touch binary options platform.

This caricature was created using mixed media, including pen, paper, gimp and other open source software.

More about trading one touch binary options:

With the binary options, you want to find the way to invest that will have the best returns. And for this reason, many people go with the one touch method. With one touch, what you’re saying is that an asset will hit a set number before the expiry time.

The best part of the one touch binary option is that the asset doesn’t have to remain at that number for any amount of time. Once it’s hit the number, you’ve succeeded and can cash in on your investment. This is a great method for people who don’t think that the asset will remain at a high number for long, but they think that it will hit the number at some point. It’s a great way to be able to invest in the movement of the asset without committing to a long term stability of it.


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