Trading Silver Bullion and Ingots


Many technologies use silver as a base. Like gold, silver is used in a variety of products. The more technological products are made, the more demand there is for raw silver which drives the price of silver up.

If you want to read the market and forecast projected trends, silver is a great way to accomplish this. It’s easy to see how silver affects a whole bunch of trends in the market and, as a binary options trader, you will want to learn how to read the silver market to increase your return on your investments.

A wise trader will look at many base materials markets including silver, gold, and oil. Silver represents a good middle ground to tell you how things are going in the trends of the market and will enable you to have a bigger return on investment if you learn to read it correctly.


Soft drinks, oil and binary options trading


Cold soda sales are also reflective of the weather.

During the summer months, people consume far more Cokes and Pepsis than during the winter months. With the summer heat, people want to cool off with a cold soda every hour or so, which affects the production values of these consumables.

Binary options traders in oil assets will remember that soda consumption is a year round thing but that the summer months will invariably sell more sodas than the winter months, when many people will drink hot chocolate or tea instead of sodas.

Sodas require refrigeration and manufacturing of cans which uses a lot of energy, which in turn makes more demands on oil prices.

With these trends in mind, a binary options trader will be able to see the overall trends with the weather and predict weather patterns and, in turn, consumable patterns which affect the price of oil.